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The Newsroom, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Sherlock, Masters of Sex, Game of Thrones, The West Wing, Hannibal, AHS...

Tumblr turn me into a lonely insomniac with bisexual tendencies


bryan fuller when creating hannibal: “find me the prettiest english boy you can find. cover him in dirt and sweat and pain and make him talk like he’s from virginia. there should be a dog in this one too. maybe like seven or eight dogs.”

(vía whatsafangirltodo)

“They say for every light on Broadway there is a broken heart, an

unrealized dream. And that’s the same in any profession. So you have

to want it more than anyone else, and you have to be your own

champion, be your own superstar, blaze your own path, say yes to

opportunity, follow your instincts, be eager, and passionate, keep

learning, nurture your real, lasting relationships, don’t be a jerk, and

free your imagination so you can become all that you want to be.”

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As much as I enjoyed Sigur Ros on GoT I can help but think they wasted an opportunity not having this over the credits…

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