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Tumblr turn me into a lonely insomniac with bisexual tendencies

So you’ve got a whole room for not being awake in? But what’s the point? You’re just missing the room! And don’t look in that mirror - it’s absolutely furious.

—The exact moment I fell in love with 12.

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The Doctor is a strange and unknowable man. You might be fascinated by him and in a way seduced by him, but you don’t ever quite know him. You don’t even know his name. So the main character of Doctor Who, in most cases, the person whose journey you’re watching is actually the companion’s journey. They’re not just the Doctor’s companions. In a way the Doctor is their companion. It’s about Rose Tyler, or Amy Pond, or Clara Oswald. It’s their story, their journey, how that begins and how that ends. It’s not that the companion is important to Doctor Who. You could almost argue the companion is Doctor Who. She is the person or he is the person who is asking that question embodied in the title.

—Steven Moffat (Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion)

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Hold hands. That’s what you're meant to do. Keep doing that and don’t let go. That’s the secret.”

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this episode feel exactly like an episode of the magic school bus

shutupcharlotte, the love of my life, about 8x02 of doctor who

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You asked me if you’re a good man and the answer is…I don’t know.
But you try to be and I think that’s probably the point.

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Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple…

JK Rowling, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (via barecontact)

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